Hello, I'm Felicia.

Welcome to Vino & Veggies! I am an  Independent Consultant for Scout and Cellar, a Certified Sommelier, and a Certified Specialist of Wine. I teach you the "how to's" of vegan food and wine pairing. I'll share educational wine tidbits, vegan food recipes, and of course information on my favorite Scout & Cellar wines! Subscribe to be the first to know about new releases!


I'm from Denver, CO. I'm a school psychologist by day and wine enthusiast by night. My amazing husband, Steve, is my wine tasting partner and recipe taster. We share an energetic toddler named, Athen. I've been vegan since 2014 and a wine lover since I could drink.


I love Scout & Cellar for SO many reasons and decided to become a consultant initially for the wine. Little did I know it would lead me on a journey of finding a community of passionate business leaders. What started out as a fun side-hustle has turned into a full-blown business that has brought in another stream of income, opportunity, and FUN! I want to invite you on this journey! Our company is still at the ground level so there is a huge opportunity for you. The wine industry is a $72 BILLION industry. That's more than the beauty and fitness industry combined. We're not going anywhere! Everyone needs wine. Why not be the person your friends and family get it from?

Facts (per Forbes):

-US. wine sales have jumped 66% during the pandemic.

-Canned wine sales are up 95%.

-Online direct-to-consumer alcohol sales are up 551% this year.

-It's estimated that 30% of new customers buying alcohol online for the first time during COVID will remain long-term customers.

Not ready to join the biz? Well, let me tell you WHY you should be drinking Clean-Crafted.


I have learned so much about wine while studying for the CSW. Unfortunately, this includes learning about the 250 chemicals the FDA approves to go in wine and a single glass of wine can have up to 16 grams of added sugar! That's as much as a donut!  Since stumbling across Scout & Cellar, I can relax knowing they take all the hard work out of finding great tasting, clean-crafted wine! I'm so excited to share this treasure with you!

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Making Wine



Those of you who are vegan may know how difficult it is to find great vegan wine. When I became vegan in 2014, I found it incredibly challenging to find vegan wine. Until now! I am an independent wine consultant for Scout & Cellar, making it so much easier for you to find clean-crafted wine!