About me, Felicia.

I'm from Denver, CO. I'm a school psychologist by day, and wine enthusiast by night. My amazing husband, Steve, is my wine tasting partner and recipe taster. We share an energetic son named Athen (pronounced like the city without the 's'). I'm vegan and currently studying to become a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW).

I have learned so much about wine while studying for the CSW. Unfortunately, this includes learning about the 250 chemicals the FDA approves to go in wine as well as some of the irresponsible farming practices of mass produced wine. Since stumbling across Scout & Cellar, I can relax knowing they take all the hard work out of finding great tasting, clean, and vegan wine! I'm so excited to share this treasure with you!


What does clean-crafted mean?

The wine making process is tricky business. With all things natural, it's hard to find consistency. In order to fix this, mass produced wine is loaded with synthetic ingredients to make each bottle taste the same, year after year. These unnatural ingredients are to blame for that wine headache we've all experienced once or twice. 

Scout & Cellar makes it easy to find great wines without all the added junk other wine companies use to make their wine taste good. When you order wine off my Scout & Cellar page, you can be sure you're getting the tastiest, clean-crafted wine available.

Why I love Scout & Cellar:


Female-owned company: Scout & Cellar was founded by a woman named Sarah Shadonix. She is a level 3 Sommelier! To put that into perspective, there are only 350 in the world, and even more rare to find a woman at this level. So she's a badass!


Healthy and Sustainable: All of the wines available through my Scout & Cellar page are certified organic with zero added sugar, zero added sulfites, and come from vineyards that practice sustainable farming. The grapes are handpicked from small, family-owned vineyards.


Vegan! The most important reason for me. I love knowing that I am drinking healthy, clean, and vegan wine without going through all the hassle of finding it. It's like walking into a vegan restaurant and being able to order anything off the menu. 


Finding Vegan Wine

Modern winemaking has made it easier for companies to mass produce their wine. Unfortunately, this means that the wine in your glass may not be vegan. During the fining, or clarification, stage in winemaking, small amounts of animal bones, intestines, or other by-products are used. There are no labeling requirements or regulations for alcohol which makes it hard for consumers to find wine without these added animal by-products. 

Even if you aren't vegan, finding healthy sustainable wine is a good thing! I feel like I've stumbled upon the secret garden of wine and I want to share it with all of you! Book a free tasting: I'll bring the wine, you bring your friends!

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